Obtaining leads is a key part of the insurance industry as it gives you an opportunity to work with a client who needs the product in the incoming year. We have 3 options which you can explore: Call-Center, Mail and On-line leads.

Call Center – Starting this September, Genesis Business Capital will have its very own call center where agents can come in and contact leads we have received from a provider. With the Call Center, you can make as many as 200 calls a day and provide clients with the best coverage possible.   

Mail leads

You can get 1,000 mail leads for approximately $450, you will have to choose the counties and Zip-Codes. The mail will be dropped 10 days after you place the order. Branded and non-branded mail leads – you may qualify for discounts worth 10%, 15% and 20%, based on numbers of appointments you have with us. For more information call Denisse Valcarcel at dvalcarcel@genesisbusinesscapital.net or call the office at 914-909-2548.

On-line leads 

There are 2 types of leads: Exclusive and shared. Exclusive the lead will be assigned to you only. Shared, you will share the lead up to 3 other agents will be sharing the lead, theses agent will be competing for the business. The shared leads will be $10 while exclusive leads will be $22 with the opportunity of obtaining them as low as $15.40.

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For more information contact Gustavo Pacheco at gpacheco@genesisbusinesscapital.net or call her at 914-909-2548.

For additional information, Call 1-833-422-2436