To lead and foster a new generation of agents who will be dedicated to the Senior Support Services in the Medicare industry; by supporting existing General Agencies & Brokers, through guidance, knowledge, products, and excellent service.


At Genesis Business Capital, Inc (GBC), we believe in continuously developing and maintaining a strong, lasting, loyal relationship with key elements of our success: Brokers, Carriers, Employee, and Government. As a Master General Agency (MGA) in the Medicare market, we will strive to assist the agent to become an invaluable asset to persons who are looking for Senior insurance advice, by providing the agent with different alternatives that will best fit the clients need. We believe in: “One agent at the time!”

Our goal is to help our agents conduct business in a manner that not only prevents sales allegations but also aids in ensuring their books of business are protected. We want to ensure that in the event of an audit, you’re fully prepared to respond.

If you have a concern, question or report regarding compliance please submit it at: [email protected] or fax at (866) 548-1152.