Agency Builder

Genesis Business Capital, Inc. (GBC) a company that focuses on supporting agents, as part of supporting agencies is our Agency Builder Service. Get more information about 10 euro bonus ohne einzahlung casino 2021. As such, we are looking for six partners per state, who are willing to join us by creating their own agency and bottom line: be your own boss.

Seniors are, and will become a strong presence; a market opportunity that population and 37% of the population 18+. Demographic trends associated with the aging of the baby boomer population, and gains in longevity, will grow the 50+ market to over 106 million by 2015 (not too far) when they will account for 45% of the adult population. Seniors are, and will become a strong presence; a market opportunity that GBC is to focus: we would like you to join us!

Our strategy is to serve seniors in our communities, by becoming their trusted agent when it comes to health and life insurance needs, providing them with honest and well-founded advice will result in referrals to theirs closest family and friends. This is the typical, centers of influence marketing: the Church, your community, business organizations, chamber of commerce, local business groups, PTA, sports coaching, etc.

The other marketing approach is through leads, the acquisition cost will vary based on the region and products, and this will enable a constant generation of new client to your business. You have to focus on  1 product only, if you go and try sell different products in one visit, you have just lost your time. Too many variables, how do we put this together?

Well, we do not say this is easy, this is not a get rich in 30 days scheme. It all comes down to hard work, and business planning, if you follow a business plan that you have created with our assistance, you can realistically start by $3,000 in your first 2 months creating a foundation for your second year of receivables of approximately $25,000; second year with $70,000,third year with $100,000. Here is where we like it, you can take a 3 months, or 6 months vacations and still be earning from residual income. Of course, the period can be a lot faster if production is higher, meaning you can take the months vacations within the next 12 months, and still make money; based on the product that you feel comfortable, you can earn up to$8,000 by your third month; it is really up to you.

In order to help you going through this process, we will work with you on five areas:
1. Commitment – First Things First – A business Partner
2. Goal setting – Product Strategy – Territory Analysis
3. Sales Planning
4. Budgeting & Operational Expense
5. Execution

You will make a six month commitment, usually you will know if this is for you after the third month, after six you will know exactly if building an agency is what you want for your future; the beauty about this, nobody is going to fire you, no warnings; you may want to have it as creating a passive income for yourself. When things go wrong (they will), we will be there to support you, reading is key to keep your motivation high, as knowing that somebody out there is going through the same challenges you are experiencing. By experience, we know that you will be your toughest critic; the most difficult part is to listen to yourself.

There is no cost for this service; we will provide you with guidance and a wealth of products. Everybody can sell through us, not everybody built their business with us, as mentioned before, we are looking for 6 agents per state. We are currently looking for serious individuals who are interested in exploring the Health and Life Insurance industry, open to all regions. We are looking for individuals who have the drive, and motivation to service your community while you work. You will be able to learn Life and Health insurance from companies such as United, ING, MetLife, etc. we need great leaders, hard workers who will help us go to the next step. This is not easy; expect challenges as well as great rewards. Language skills are a great asset, Hurdu, Russian, French, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese. Currently licensed individuals in Life, and Health agents are welcome to explore this opportunity; let us try to help you.

This is a great opportunity, if you would like to learn more about insurance we would like to talk to you; also, you can build you business part time. Please email you resume to:, fax (866) 548-1152.



For additional information, Call 1-833-422-2436